We were required to paint eyes for one of our illustration projects and I decided to paint all of my favorite artists’ work for my eyes. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Photo Set

Dang, I haven’t been very active on this tumblr of mine but really want to now since I am currently developing a story via my Special Studies class. This story is based around the idea of a modern time banshee, in Ireland, who has to deal with the fact that she is always upset and must get a grip on accepting herself as a graduated college student along with her soon-to-be-friend headless horseman. I also have another character that I am currently developing who will establish them as an amazingly sarcastic and dramatic trio. I will show pictures of her later. But yes. These are two of the characters: Maeve, the banshee, and Deaglan, the headless horseman.

The bottom image set is focused on the idea that her family glorifies the idea that she comes from a long line of banshees and they try to take any and every image they can to capture her “successes” as teller of death. Needless to say, Maeve despises the fact that they only emphasizes her sadness so I wanted to establish that they are confining and constricting her emotionally which is underscored by the cramped living room space with her being cluttered by all the things she loathes.


So, miss thelcb said that mingolando should be called Sailor Sandrea because it had a nice ring to it. And I decided to be a turd and draw her as a Sailor Moon character, which if she was a true Sailor Scout, her name would totally be Sailor Andromeda after the Andromeda galaxy. Anyway, enough dicking around. Time for sleeps.



Finally finished my montage to the two best characters of Adventure Time, PB & Marceline. It’s mathematical, bros.


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So for our final in Anatomy, we had to create some random piece of artwork and I decided (since I’m a narcissist) to do a self portrait. The painting is done in oils and portrays a somewhat accurate detailing of muscles, bone, and my own facial features. We technically had a month to do it but in all honesty, I did most of it in an evening. A /really/ LONG evening. My classmate was kind of enough to help me with the hair as well since I had never painted hair before. But all in all, I feel like this piece turned out really well. :)


Princess of the godssss

  • Question: There need to be more things on this blog... like your illustration project you've been working on. - mingolando
  • Answer:

    Haha I am currently working on it still! Very soooooon! :)


Just imagine it on a cycle lol..


Because one of my coworkers is the actual Snow White at Disneyland, I drew her this!